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Cape Girardeau School District gives special attention to ensure that homeless children and youth in the school district have access to a free, appropriate public education.

If a child or youth identified as homeless requests admission to the school district, the district will consider the best interest of the child with parental involvement in determining whether the child should be enrolled in the district or, if applicable, transported back to the school of origin.

Enrollment requirements which may constitute a barrier to the education of a homeless child or youth may be waived if allowed by law.  If the district is unable to determine the grade level of the student because of missing or incomplete records, the district shall administer tests or utilize other reasonable means to determine the appropriate grade level for the child.

Each homeless child or youth shall be provided services comparable to services offered to other students in the district including, but not limited to, transportation services; educational services for which the child meets the eligibility criteria, such as educational programs for disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and gifted and talented students, vocational programs, and school meals programs; before- and after-school care programs; and programs for students with limited English proficiency.

For more information on the identification and education of homeless children and youth you may contact the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at 573-751-4212 (main office) or www.dese.mo.gov