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Student Handbook


  • District’s attendance policy and the procedures for reporting absences and completing missed work: policy JED
  • Rights pursuant to the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA):  policy JHDA
  • The district will periodically search lockers and other school property and that drug-sniffing dogs may be used:  policy JFG
  • District’s policy on use of electronic communication devices and audio and visual recording equipment: policy JG (technology misconduct), EHB, KKB, administrative procedure EHB-AP
  • There is no expectation of privacy in the use of district computers or other technology: policy EHB and EHB-AP
  • The presence of asbestos and any inspections, re-inspections, surveillance, and response or post response actions taken:  policy EBAB, administrative procedure EBAB-AP
  • District’s obligation to provide education to children who are homeless: policy IGBCA
  • District’s policy regarding possession of weapons by students and others: policy JFCJ and ECA
  • Procedures for reporting allegations of discrimination or harassment including the definitions of harassment and discrimination and the contact information for the compliance coordinator: policy AC and administrative procedure AC-AF1
  • Parents can request information on the professional qualifications of their child’s teacher and if the child is receiving services from a paraprofessional, the paraprofessional’s qualifications as well: policy GBL