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Dear Patrons:

     Cape Girardeau School District sponsors student insurance through K&K Insurance Group, Inc. underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. The student insurance is available as a voluntary option for all students enrolled in the Cape Girardeau School District  and offers a low and high option plan. The school district requires accident insurance only of students participating in interscholastic athletics.
     For general student accident insurance, please indicate your selection on the provided form and send with a check for the amount indicated in the envelope provided or enroll online. Parents are encouraged to use online enrollment. With online enrollment the parent is provided a confirmation at the end of the enrollment to print out for their records and is also emailed the same confirmation. Included in the email confirmation  will be an ID card. The insurance will  not go into effect until the insurance company receives the application and payment.
     Students participating in interscholastic athletics, who wish to purchase this insurance, should give their forms and checks to their coach or present confirmation of coverage with ID card.
     Though many parents carry their own insurance, they find some costs are not covered under their policy. Please check to be sure your policy will cover injuries your child may sustain at school.  Some policies will not cover physician specialist cost, dental work, etc.
     The school district is happy to provide this service to the students. You may direct any questions pertaining to the accident insurance program by calling the number on the insurance form or visit their website.


Neil Glass, Ed.D. 
Cape Girardeau Public Schools