April 7th Bond Issue information

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1.      What is the purpose of the proposed April 7th Bond Issue?

In 2008-2009 a steering committee prepared a Facilities Plan identifying the most pressing needs. In order to fund these improvements, the district has proposed a Bond Issue for the April 7th 2015 election. The Purpose of the Bond Issue is to:

·         Renovate and upgrade existing facilities throughout the district

·         Renovate CJHS in order to enhance and upgrade safety, security, HVAC, plumbing, and student needs and programming

·         Add 25,000 sq ft of additional space at the CTC for needed programming

·         Refurbish tracks, tennis courts, and add lighting to baseball and softball fields

·         Address deferred maintenance throughout the district

·         Increase the efficiency level of our current utility usage

2.      What are the safety and security issues at Central Junior High School?

The safety and security needs that have been identified at Central Junior High School are relocation of administrative offices for enhanced line of sight to the main entryway, replacement of locks, doors, and hardware, ADA compliance, off street parent pick up, and upgrades to fire protection devices.

3.      What programs will been enhanced by the Bond Issue?

There will be many programs that will benefit from the proposed Bond Issue. These include renovation to Central Junior High School, Career and Technology Center and other district wide improvements. Some athletic surfaces will also receive much-needed refurbishing.

4.      Can the Bond Issue be used for salaries or other operating expenses?

The Debt Service fund is totally separate from operating funds. The revenue generated from the Debt Service fund can only be used to pay off debt. By law,the funds generated from the sale of bonds can only be used for the expenditures identified in the bond proposal.

5.      Will my taxes increase?

The proposed Bond Issue will NOT increase the tax rate of the voters of Cape Girardeau.  Essentially, the district is refinancing the existing debt, issuing additional debt, and extending the debt over a longer period of time.  The proposed bond amount is $20 million dollars which is well within our total bonding capacity without a tax rate increase.

6.      When will construction start if the bond issue passes?

Construction of some items could begin as early as summer of 2015 with all projects being completed sometime in the fall of 2017.

7.      Would our taxes go down if the Bond Issue fails?

The tax rate would not go down as a result of the failure of the Bond Issue. The tax rate in the Debt Service fund can only be used to pay off expenditures related to debt. Our current debt is not scheduled to be paid off until 2030.The current debt service levy would continue to be used to make debt payments. 

8.    Why do we need classroom space at the Career and Technology Center?

The Career and Technology Center is an important component to the community workforce. We are continuing to provide opportunity for our students to advance their careers. Demand for additional space for student programming requires more space than currently exists.

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