CPGS installs security software

CGPS installs security software to enhance school safety

Cape Girardeau Public Schools has installed the security software KIDaccount.  

KIDaccount allows the District to keep a centralized record of all visitors and helps ensure all students are dismissed safely from school.

Families should report any changes to a student’s normal dismissal routine to the school secretary by 2:00 p.m. every day except for Wednesdays.  Due to early dismissal on Wednesdays, transportation changes should be reported to the secretary by noon. This will allow enough time for changes to be communicated to all necessary building staff so students are safely and properly dismissed.

Visitors to any CGPS elementary, middle or high school will be required to check in through the KIDaccount tablets stationed at the main entrance of each building.  Anyone wishing to check a child out of school will also be required to do so by utilizing the KIDaccount tablets.