Sub Info

Download the Substitute Teacher ChecklistPDF File Here.

Substitute Teacher Checklist

____   Complete an online application

____   Criminal Fingerprint/Background check must be cleared by DESE

Applicants with a current sub certificate will be accepted when submitted.


Learn how to obtain a substitute certification by visiting the Missouri Department 

of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) website and follow the Checklist for

Substitute Teachers.

____   Fingerprint reservations may be made at

           Location is Doctor’s Park #37, code #0325

____   Complete Human Resources paperwork via TalentED

You will receive a link from the Human Resources Coordinator after completing

the online application. Check your spam/junk folder if in question. Read the ENTIRE 

message before clicking the link. OR, pick up an on-boarding packet at 301 N Clark.

____   Attend a Substitute Workshop by emailing 

____   Review Safe School Training videos

____   Obtain a Cape Tigers Email &  ReadySub login information

For more information concerning substitute teaching, contact Katie Tackett at the Career and Technology Center, or 573-332-1858