Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teacher Workshop 

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Time:  12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Central Office, 301 N. Clark Board Room

All fingerprint applications MUST include :
Cape Girardeau Public Schools OCA-School
District Code: 061-096
DESE ORI#:  MO920320Z 
Registration #0325

Applications without these codes will have to be redone for a duplicate cost.

Please contact:
Deb Tracy/Sub-Caller at (573) 332-1858 or
or Willetta Brookins at (573) 335-1867 or if you plan to attend.

If you desire to be a substitute teacher and have not completed the necessary paperwork you are still welcome to attend the workshop.

Substitute Applications 

Cape Girardeau Public School District encourages you to apply with our
Online Application System for the position listed as "Substitute Application Pool". If you are unable to do this, please call Willetta Brookins (contact information below). After completing an application online a packet will be mailed to your address for you to complete and submit back to us with additional required information. 

Computers and a scanner are available at the Central Office of Administration (301 N. Clark) for your use in applying online if needed.

We will accept online applications for Substitute Teachers at any time.  To be eligible, Substitute applicants must hold at least 60 college hours.  Please note that vocational and/or theological coursework hours are no longer acceptable unless approved by DESE.

Substitute Compensation

Substitutes who have 60 college hours and a Missouri Substitute Certificate will receive $75.00 per full day and $37.50 per half day.

Substitutes who have a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree will receive $85.00 per full day and $42.50 per half day.

The compensation of substitute teachers is approved annually by the Board. Substitutes will be paid only for the days they teach.

When substitutes have completed all requirements and begin to work in the District they will receive a $50.00  remuneration, in their first paycheck, to help cover eligibility fees. 

NEW Substitute Incentive Plan!

Substitute 10 days a month = $100
Substitute 10 days a month for 7 months = $100
Must work a full day to qualify, two half days can be combined to qualify as a full day
Long-term substitute assignments are not eligible 

Contact Information

For more information concerning Substitute Teaching, contact
Willetta Brookins at the Central Administration Office, 573-335-1867.