Central High Educator Named Teacher of the Year

Cape Central High Teacher Honored

Cape Central High’s Crystal Cerny was named the Southeast Missouri English Teacher’s Association (SMETA) Teacher of the Year.  

Mrs. Cerny, who was hired at Cape Central in 2002, felt called to be a teacher since the birth of her younger sister in 1961.  Over the years, the love of mentoring her younger siblings blossomed into a career.

“A natural curiosity and desire to know more led me to a career in teaching.  A sincere love and appreciation for my own teachers strengthened and nurtured those desires,” Mrs. Cerny said.

Now, she’s the one nurturing young minds and gaining joy from witnessing their successes.

“My favorite things: spontaneous combustion of light when students "get it;" laughing at myself and with my students; witnessing the turn-around of a struggling kiddo; giving the hug, smile, pat-on-the-back (or reprimand) that makes a difference at least for the moment; standing in the gym on the morning of Freshman Orientation one minute and sitting in the Show Me Center at graduation the next. Full circle. Full heart.”

CONGRATULATIONS, MRS. CERNY!  Cape Central wouldn’t be the same without you!