April 2 no-tax-increase bond issue will fund a number of upgrades to buildings- PRESS RELEASE
Cape Girardeau Public Schools (CGPS)  will place a no-tax-increase bond issue (Proposition Y) before voters April 2, 2019, seeking funding to continue with the third phase of the District’s master facilities plan.  The projects that will be funded through the bond issue were also identified as critical needs for CGPS as school leaders look to continue the work outlined in the District’s five-year strategic plan.  Just two years into that plan, CGPS has increased graduation rates by 6 percentage points to 88%, and the District’s annual report card from the State has reached an all-time high of 96%. In order to maintain the positive momentum, it’s necessary to ensure schools remain safe environments that are conducive for learning.  

Proposition Y Projects:

$4M renovations Alma Schrader, Jefferson

$1.5M new, centralized Pre-K building

$850,000 HVAC, roof and parking lot repairs

$1M contingency Also included in the April 2 bond issue is $4M earmarked for a new aquatics facility that will be built in partnership with the City of Cape Girardeau.  The City and CGPS have partnered since the 1970s in covering operational costs of the current facility housed at Central Junior High School. Recent information presented by city officials shows the pool has reached its expiration and the cost to bring it up-to-date would exceed construction of a new facility.  District and city leaders will continue to work together to secure additional funding to build the best facility possible. District leaders have presented information about Proposition Y to a number of service clubs throughout the community, including the Chamber of Commerce.  To view video of the presentation from the Chamber event, please click on the link below and fast forward to the 14:41 mark.
Video of the March 1 Proposition Y Presentation at Cape Chamber Meeting
Recently, the Cape Chamber Board of Directors voted unanimously to support Proposition Y

To make sure you have all the information you need before voting on April 2, please attend one of the meetings below. Bond Issue Community Meetings:

March 13, 6PM - CJHS

March 14, 6PM - Alma Schrader Elementary

CGPS Board Meeting:

March 25, 5PM - Board Meeting Room, 301 North Clark Street