a 4th grade students holds the new class pet, a bearded dragon
Franklin Elementary Principal April Garner wasn't so sure about allowing a bearded dragon on campus as a class pet. The truth is, Mrs. Garner was a little intimated by the thought. 

"I was a little scared of him," Mrs. Garner said.

But after reading persuasive letters from the 18 students in Mrs. Taylor Glueck's 4th grade class, Mrs. Garner was convinced that "Draco Mango" belonged in the classroom.

"They did such a great job explaining why he would make a great classroom pet," Garner said. "Their letters were very convincing. One student said Draco Mango would improve his mental health. Many students committed to doing research on Draco's habitat to keep him healthy and safe."

So as students came back to school on Wednesday, Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Glueck had a special surprise for the class. After Mrs. Garner praised the students for their stellar persuasive writing, Mrs. Glueck carried Draco Mango into the room to introduce the students to their new class pet. 

"I want to hold him!" a student yelled. "We're going to take good care of him," another student said as Draco Mango made his way to the class carpet. The students gathered around and watched as the lethargic lizard gazed back at them. 

"He is so sweet and calm," Mrs. Glueck said. 

Draco Mango even won over Mrs. Garner. "I held him earlier and he is very sweet," she said. 

Still, a principal has to have rules. 

"I better not see him walking the hallways without a leash!" 

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Mrs. Glueck introduces students to the bearded dragon
Mrs. Garner and students pet Draco Mango